Sponsorship proposal – 12th National Rural Youth Festival

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Tuljapur Campus

What are we looking at?

An association between your brand and the 12th National Rural Youth Festival (NRYF) in the form of sponsors.

Why Sponsor us?

Tata Institute of Social Sciences has an unquestionable repute as one of the finest academic and field action institutes of the country and worldwide. TISS has worked extensively in various parts of the country reaching out to the people and their problems. In Tuljapur, people know of TISS as a game changer in rural development. With this reputation, collaboration with TISS will be of huge benefit for any partnering organization.

*  A unique publicity platform to market the brand image of your company
*  Extensive reach to over 600 colleges across the country
*  Innovative branding and publicity opportunities during the fest
*  Presence on a national scale through newspaper and TV

*  Stall space on festival grounds for direct interaction with students
*  Publicity through NRYF social media platforms.
*  Marketing opportunities in rural areas.

What is the best way an association could be worked out?

We believe that your brand should reach to one and all. NRYF will be reaching out to over 2500 youngsters from Solapur, Osmanabad and Latur. We will be marketing your brand extensively as our partners and strategically place it in the event to ensure maximum coverage. Apart from the 2500 youngsters, there will be several others who will be indirectly associated with the NRYF and it would be an ideal time for your brand to place itself beyond the confines of traditional advertisement. With flyers and banners galore, your brand can expect crowd from Tuljapur to boost its geographical consumer base as well.

We have thought of three ways your brand can project itself as sponsors:

  1. Advertisement Stall during the two day event.
  2. Your Brand as part of every official banner/flex/flyer.
  3. Discount Coupons for participants/attendees

How does your brand benefit?

In few words, immensely! Your brand will have:

  1. An expanded customer base
  2. A flash sale boost ( If discount Coupon system is employed)
  3. An association with the reputed name of Tata Institute of Social Sciences and the NRYF
  4. A prospective media coverage of its brand
  5. Word of mouth advertisement
  6. Web based advertisement on Facebook, our website and other media.
  7. Regional as well as National advertisement
  8. Regular mentions during the festival

A/C NUMBER      :  11520612137
BANK NAME      :  State Bank Of India
IFSC NUMBER    :   SBIN0003674
MICR CODE        :   413002718

Shubham Pachauri:  +91- 98188 64850

Keerthi K : +91- 89218 53321

Sagar: +91- 77421 66969

Become A Sponsor

Title Sponsor

Primary Association with the title of the event
Maximum Visibility
Exclusive Publicity at all the events.
Lecture Slot during the Festival to address the public
Extra Large Stall Space in the Festival grounds

Event Sponsor

Exclusive Publicity at one of the NRYF Events
Opportunity ti Co-Execute the Event

Logistics Sponsors

Co-Branding on all Invitations sent over 300 Colleges.
Co-Branding on all invitations sent to Diginataries.

Associate Title Sponsor

Secondary Association with the title of the Festival
Exclusive Publicity at three NRYF Events
Large Stall space in Festive grounds


Exclusive Publicity at two NRYF Events.
Stall Space in the Festival grounds

Apparel Sponsor

Co-Branding with TISS and NRYF
Exclusive Presence on all NRYF merchandise

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