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About National Rural Youth Festival

National Rural Youth Festival started in 2008-09 when the students of TISS Tuljapur took the initiative to create a platform to bring together various rural development stakeholders within the same space and foster a conducive environment for creative and critical learning and unlearning. With the participation of 400 rural youth from across the country, and particularly from the Marathwada region of Maharashtra, the first chapter of this event was a huge success.

Today, NRYF has become a signature event of TISS Tuljapur, bringing together students from all over India and mapping a range of events aimed at exploring the milieu of rural development by engaging rural youth, farmers, development practitioners, self-help groups, and researchers. The event forms a major part of TISS by enhancing its community-level understanding and engagement. The 2023 edition of NRYF is a part of the legacy carried forward by the sustained effort of the passionate TISS community, which comprises the students, staff, and people of Tuljapur. This effort forms the vision of our work which we vehemently hope to carry forward.