Book review

  • Time - 8+2 minutes
  • No religious books allowed
  • Submit the soft copy of the book through mail
  • Mail id- @[email protected] with the subject line "Submission of soft copy for book review"

Description of a picture

  • Word limit - 250 words
  • Creative title is expected
  • Total of 3 pictures will be shown
  • Time for display of each picture is 1 minute
  • Time limit -1 hour


  • Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Themes based on NRYF 2023 - Tales of rural India
  • Can be performed in English, Hindi and Marathi

Instant Poetry

  • Topic would be given on the spot
  • 10 minutes for preparation
  • Narration should go on for 1-2 minutes
  • Reading from the page is allowed
  • language should be English Hindi or marathi

Individual Debate

  • Each participant will select one chit, which will have one topic.
  • The preparation time will be 2 minutes.
  • They will have to speak in favour of the topic till the bell rings.
  • As soon as the bell rings, they'll speak against it.
  • This round will be for 5-7 minutes per person, and they'll have to speak for or against it depending on the bell ringing.

Group debate

  • Each team will have three members.
  • There will be one moderator, and one person who is responsible for ringing the bell.
  • There will be two rounds. The main topic will be announced beforehand.
  • In the first round : topics will be given to teams competing against each other
  • in second round best two teams of the 1st round will have a face off.


  • There will be 3 rounds
  • questions will be displayed and each participant has to write the answer in the provided sheet.
  • one round wll be a memory round. A collection of objects will be shown and one member from each team can participate. They will be given a minute to memorize all the objects and the member who names most of them correctly gets the point. -Every right answer will fetch 10 points, and every correctly answered question which has been passed will fetch 5 marks. No negative marking.


  • AII plays submitted must be in English hindi or marathi
  • applicants can submit only one play
  • full length plays,original or adapted will be accepted.
  • Plays must be the original work of the applicant(s). If based upon a real person's life, applicant(s) must secure rights to make such adaptations.


  • Each participant gets two chances to pick a topic from among the chits. If they don't like the first topic they get, they can choose another one and then decide from the two.
  • The preparation time is for two minutes.
  • The speech duration can be 5-7 minutes.


  • Time limit - 3+2 minutes
  • Format: The poem should be formatted in a particular style, such as rhyming or free verse, ghazal , sonnet.
  • Originality: All poems must be original works of the author and not have been published previously.
  • language: The poem should be written in English hindi or marathi.
  • Multiple entries: Some competitions may limit the number of poems that can be submitted by an individual author.
  • Copyright: By entering the competition, the author grants the competition organizers the right to publish and promote the winning poems
  • Theme will be intimated one day prior to event via mail.
  • soft copies should be submitted before reciting the poem in the event to @[email protected]


  • It would be based on famous events and places
  • Time limit to solve - 35-40 minutes


  • There will be three sets of words, subject, verb, and object.
  • Each set will have many chits. So the participant has to randomly choose a chit from each set
  • They will have to make a story loosely based on that.
  • They'll get a preparation time of 3 minutes, and they'll get to speak for 5-7 minutes.

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